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Attract Men – Top 10 tips on how to attract men

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Attract Men – Top 10 tips on how to attract men

Many women wonder why some women seem to attract men really easily.  They seem to have that special “quality”.  But it is not as difficult to attract men as it may first seem.  Women need to be cautious and aware of certain little things which all men notice and who keep in their minds. Here are the top 10 tips to attract men:

  • Pleasant Appearance – The most basic yet important tip is to look nice. Be aware of your clothes, accessories, shoes, bags etc; as they make a lot of difference.
  • Smell Good- Another tip for hygiene is that today’s men are particular about how you smell. Body odor is a major take off for them. It’s not important to have the most expensive perfumes but ensure no Body odor.
  • Talk Sensible – It’s imperative to be sensible to entice men as they are the most observant creatures on this planet. You should sound absolutely no nonsense which does not mean that there is no room for showing your sense of humor
  • Be Humorous – Sense of humor is the next required skill that turns the men on and creates their interest in you. All you need to keep in mind is right phrases to be used at the right time.
  • Little Naughtiness & Mystery – They like women who are not complicated and are easy to be with. So be naughty and a little flirty, however it should not go over the top. Little mystery gives them a hope and they get attracted towards you. Right signals should be given and you have all men at your knees.
  • Be confident – Confidence is the key to win over men. All you need to do is ensure that whatever you say or do or project, has to be done with Confidence.
  • Smile – Always smile as that creates a positive energy around you. Men get stressed easily and a smile can just take it away. This creates the attraction toward you.
  • Attitude – Attitude is another important attribute in woman’s personality which has a lot of weight-age in men’s mind. The confidence, humor with a smile and then a little bit of attitude is the right composition that all these men have for their ideal women.
  • Show You Care – Care is the key quality of women which makes men helpless and they will be attracted towards you.
  • Make up Your Mind – And then all you need to decide is who the right one for you is.

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